Singularium Technologies was founded in 2013 and was born again in 2021. We did a “hard pivot” as per the start-up parlance. The year 2021 was the peak of the COVID pandemic. Many fundamental beliefs were challenged both in domestic & corporate spheres. In this uncertain period, two trends caught our attention:

1. Wider acceptance of remote working gig-working

2. Coming of age of AI in form of GPT3 launch in Jun 2020 (not chatGPT)

These trends fundamentally challenge the ways-of-working in the corporate sphere. AI holds tremendous potential to down-skill a job. For example, look at what chatGPT is doing to coding. While AI holds immense potential, it has an Achilles heel. It can make very costly errors at times without warning. This limitation can be overcome by getting humans to review and correct the AI outputs. This practice is widely referred to as human-in-loop approach.

Having built AI assets in our earlier avatar, we had more than a working understanding of AI and its limitations. We devised a novel approach wherein AI takes the first shot at solving a problem. The outputs of AI are then reviewed by a remote gig-worker. The remote gig-worker here is the human-in-loop.

Between 2013 – 2021 were a retail technology company and focused on organizing the traditional trade (Kirana) channel in India.